Value Study - Workshop Stage

The second step - VM Workshop- consists of the following six phases, which are conducting sequentially under the VAVE consultants facilitation;

1- Information Phase

    Project overview and evaluation of data gathered are being held

2- Function Analysis Phase

    Identifying, resource allocation and prioritization of functions of the project are being performed.           

    Benefit of this phase can be summarized as;

    - Identification of opportunity(ies)

    - Creations of common understanding

    - Expansion of knowledge

    - Stimulation of communication

    - Changing of viewpoint

3- Creative Phase

    Generation of large quantity of ideas or alternatives that can perform the basic functions identified          are being done in this phase

4- Evaluation Phase

    Begins with a large number and many variations of raw ideas and ends with one or more good            ideas, which will be further developed and presented for approval

5- Development Phase

    Development of the value proposal to sell the project stakeholders is being made

6- Presentation Phase

    Preparation of the presentation to sell the result

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